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Attention Mt students! Miramonte has taken their time to help us gather school supplies that we need in order to be successful students!

Here's what some students had to say:

Thank you for donating school supplies to Mt. Diablo High School. You have made many students and teachers happy. Getting good grades is hard if you do not have the supplies to work with. I am sure that teachers do not like having to take off points off of students that could merely not get supplies to work with during class. As a result of your donation, grades will go up and we will all be able to work more efficiently. We have already distributed many of the supplies and the students that received them from your donation were very excited to be prepared in class. Thanks again for taking the time to gather supplies for us.






Thank You,


My name is J. and I really cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. I really needed these supplies for organization and overall success. I know I can speak for my classmates when I say that, because they needed supplies as well. Now, work and school can go by much more easily and smoothly. No more crumpled papers. No more missing work. No more failing THANK YOU SO MUCH!






Dear Miramonte Leadership,


Thank you for every single thing you have given my school. We are very grateful. I know you look at Mount and think that we are needy and we just need and need and take. That isn’t true. We all need a little help to get farther than we are. We are all really grateful and appreciate this and are very glad our teacher spoke to you and you all reached out and decided to help.


Thanks again:)






Dear Miramonte Leadership,


Thank you for the donations. We will put the materials to good use. It is nice to know that there are people that are truly willing to help. It means a lot. Theses thank you letters are the least we can do in return. I wish we could do more.





Dear Miramonte Leadership,

I wish to thank you for organizing a student supply drive for Mount.  All students are required to have a binder at Mt Diablo high School. Some students cannot afford binders, and some students were not sure they wished to carry one. It is a wonderful that teachers will now be able to outfit a student with the tools, we know they need, to be successful in the classroom.


It sends a powerful message when such a strong school like Miramonte, reaches out to help other students be more successful in school. Many students take for granted binders, pencils, pens and paper. However, some of our families have difficulties making ends meet and really appreciate their children having access to the supplies they need to do well in school.


Thank you!