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Who's running the school website?




ASB President Belen Velazquez-Ramos

ASB Vice President Nicole Taneo

ASB Secretary Dominique Inocencio

ASB Treasurer Elizabeth Torres


c/o 2018 President Ashley Ayala

c/o 2018 Vice President Yohe Akuaku

c/o 2018 Secretary Christopher Justin Gonzales

c/o 2018 Treasurer Corina Magdaleno


c/o 2019 President Megane Tchatchouang

c/o 2019 Vice President Dayana Nunez

c/o 2019 Secretary Raianna McKinnie

c/o 2019 Treasurer


c/o 2020 President Andrea Garcia

c/o 2020 Vice President Judy Mancol

c/o 2020 Secretary Geleen Punongbayan

c/o 2020 Treasurer Amanda Le


c/o 2021 President tbd

c/o 2021 Vice President tbd

c/o 2021 Secretary tbd

c/o 2021 Treasurer tbd


Publicity Commissioner Britney Ponce

Clubs Commissioner Ashley Ayala

Rally Commissioner Maryann Sandoval

Public Relation Commissioner Jospeh Co

Fundraising Commissioner Dayana Nunez


We have many great clubs at our school:

Asian Club

Band Club

Black Student Union




Flag Squad


Flag Squad

Gay Straight Alliance


Hurricane Devil

Illest Dance Crew 


Key Club

Latinas Unidas

Latino Club


Modern Cinema Club

Poly Club


Team Physics 

Clubs Information


Club Name




Meeting Days/Time

Asian Club


The purpose of Asian Club is to promote Asian culture throughout our school campus.

President: Angela Mae Platon

VP: Angelica Martinez

Thursdays @ lunch

Band Club Mr.Osborn The purpose of Band Club is to show the various talents we have at Mt. Diablo High School

President: Rebecca Rodriguez

VP: Mario Ramirez

Black Student Union Mrs. Banks The purpose of BSU is to provide the opportunity for not just black, but minorities with college, career and community. We also want to make sure every student on campus has a voice, no matter the person.

Presidents: Yohe Akuaku 



Wednesdays @ lunch



CSF is a federation that seeks and recognizes students in California who pass high school standards in academics.

President: TBD


Once a month on Fridays @ lunch

DSA Club


The purpose of DSA Club is to talk about funding and future events for the academy. It promotes creativity, design, and technology.

President: Karen Lopez

VP: Sarah Dunfee

Every other week(days alter) @ lunch



The mission and purpose of the Fine Arts, Media, & Entertainment Club is to awaken students to become inspired learners who embrace creativity and thrive as artists. Our members patronize, promote, and study the arts.

President: Jose Padilla

VP: Elisa Gomez

1st & 3rd Wednesday @ lunch


Chef Kevin

National Pre-Professional leadership organization students must be enrolled in a home EC/career technical class to qualify (serendipity). Students complete in various Culinary and Hospitality events at Region and state levels.  

President: Maria Munoz

VP: Tyler Cooks


Fridays @ lunch

Fil-Am(Filipino-American) Club

Ms.De La Cruz

The purpose of Fil-Am Club is to spread and teach them the about their roots in the Philippines. 

President: Adriene Castillo

VP: Christopher Gonzales

Every other Monday & Wednesday @ lunch

Flag Squad


The purpose of Flag Squad is to build school spirit with flag performances.

President: Yerardin Lopez 

VP: Amber McCallister 

Every 2nd Tuesday @ lunch 

Gay Straight Alliance

Scott Ananos

The purpose of GSA is to help promote a safe and accepting school environment for all students, particularly the LGBTQ community. 

President: TBD

Thursday @ lunch

Key Club

Scott Ananos

The purpose of Key Club is to serve the children of the world.

President: Jose Padilla 

VP: Eilona Aguilar and Mable Thai 

Tuesday @ lunch


SGM Steve Bratton 

The purpose of JROTC is to promote citizenship through self-reliance and responsibility, help students improve their academic standing, graduate from high school, and prepare for the next level, develop character and leadership skills, develop effective communication skills, improve physical fitness, provide incentive to live drug-free, strengthen positive self motivation, provide a historical perspective of the military services, teach students to work independently and as part of a team, and organize competitions between schools in military skills, as well as intramural sports.

President: Conrad Gunter 

VP: Maricela Jimenez & Brodie Lytte 


Latino Club

Ceri Freedman 

The purpose of Latino Club is to expose the Hispanic culture to our fellow student body through music, food, and dances.

President: Emily Ledezma

VP: Alexis Ramirez

Two times a month Wednesday

Modern Cinema Club


We are a club dedicated to watching, discussing, and analyzing the major themes of a movie of that compared to that of another, so that students may be able to further develop the understanding of films that  cover a broad variety of cultural and social perspective.

President: Maximiliano Delgado 


Alternating Wednesdays @ lunch



The purpose of MBTA Club is to make everyone in the academy aware of events/activities that will take place, manage how and when money will be used for academy purposes, and plan group events for the club so that everyone can get to know each other better.

President: Natalie Vasquez

VP: Jesus Garcia

Every first Monday @ lunch

HOSA Mount Diablo


HOSA is 100% health care student organization giving students an opportunity to meet students and socialize with students who share the same interest.

President: TBD


Wednesdays and or Fridays @ lunch 

Polynesian Club


The purpose of Polynesian Club is to educate those who are interested in the traditions of the Polynesian culture.

President: Sione Amato


First Friday of the month @ lunch 

Serendipity Enrichment Organization

Chef Debbie

The purpose of the Serendipity Enrichment Organization is to provide a means for student expression through the culinary arts, to provide opportunities for self development, to provide for opportunities for making decisions and assuming responsibilities, to encourage individual and group involvement in an organizational setting, and to stimulate/foster an interest in the culinary arts.

President: Alondra Gonzalez 

VP: Laura Hernandez 


Team Physics  Mrs.Lowande The purpose if Team Physics is to promote student participation in physics based activities including Physics Day Field Trip.

President: Brenda Ponce

VP: Amber McCallister 

Wednesdays @ lunch. 2 times a month 
Hurricane Devil Crew  Ms.Paul  THe purpose of Hurricane Devils is to dance hip hop music. 

Pres: Naomi Garcia 

Vice Pres: Joseph Baker 

Wednesdays after school
Illest Dance Crew  Ms. Kirkland  A place where all dancers meet, practice and learn new techniques, it's a fun environment and great way to meet new people. 

Pres: Ana Haraguchi 

Vice: Izaiah 

Latinas Unidas  Lynnea Hughes  The purpose of Latinas Unidas is to be a social and emotional support club that emphasizes and the Latino culture.

Pres: Emily Ledezma 

Vice: Alexis Ramirez

Fridays @ lunch


Today: 5/28/17



Order forms are available at the Treasurer’s window and

online. $20 w/ASB, $25 w/o ASB. Be sure to reserve your copy now prior to graduation. All

DVDs purchased will be mailed directly to you in August.


T-shirts cost $5 and sweatshirts cost $20.

All purchases must be made in M2, see Scott Ananos.


On Wednesday, May 31, ONLY SENIORS will get their Yearbooks from

the Main Office during lunch. All other students will get their Yearbooks on Thursday, June 1 in

M2 during lunch. A limited number of Yearbooks will be on sale in the Treasurer's Office

starting June 1 for $75.