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Ananos, Scott ex.3461 Sys Admin

Congratulations to all who ran for office during student elections. The following students were victorious in their respective contests and will be our student leadership for the upcoming school year:



ASB President Belen Velazquez-Ramos

ASB Vice President Nicole Taneo

ASB Secretary Dominique Inocencio

ASB Treasurer Elizabeth Torres


c/o 2018 President Ashley Ayala

c/o 2018 Vice President Yohe Akuaku

c/o 2018 Secretary Christopher Justin Gonzales

c/o 2018 Treasurer Corina Magdaleno


c/o 2019 President Megane Tchatchouang

c/o 2019 Vice President Dayana Nunez

c/o 2019 Secretary Raianna McKinnie

c/o 2019 Treasurer


c/o 2020 President Andrea Garcia

c/o 2020 Vice President Judy Mancol

c/o 2020 Secretary Geleen Punongbayan

c/o 2020 Treasurer Amanda Le


c/o 2021 President tbd

c/o 2021 Vice President tbd

c/o 2021 Secretary tbd

c/o 2021 Treasurer tbd


Publicity Commissioner Britney Ponce

Clubs Commissioner Ashley Ayala

Rally Commissioner Maryann Sandoval

Public Relation Commissioner Jospeh Co

Fundraising Commissioner Dayana Nunez

The ASB committee- which consists of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer- is in charge of the majority of activities led by the Leadership students. Each officer contributes not only to the committee itself, but to the class as a whole. For example, the President must lead and maintain an organized schedule for the students and the school, the Vice President must assist the President in all that they do, the Secretary must take meeting's minutes, verify that activity permits are signed, and prepare the weekly bulletin. The treasurer must document all money transactions, and ask for the approval of reimbursements with the school's money. As a whole, the ASB committee members make great and highly notable contributions to the our school.  

List of Responsibilities:

  1. President:
    1. Member of the Intra-District Student Council and Official representative of the Student Body 
    2. Responsible for the Executive Agenda and for making Student Body appointments subject to the approval of the Executive Board 
    3. Call Executive Board and special meetings
    4. Chair of Executive Board and responsible for execution of its duties
    5. Responsible for making Student Body appointment subject to the approval of the Executive Board
    6. Make sure that all committees are on task and on schedule
    7. Report problems to leadership advisor: Scott Ananos
  2. Vice President
    1. To always be a role model and to lead the Leadership class 
    2. To oversee all on-campus activities
    3. To assume all powers of the ASB President in her absence
    4. To assist the ASB President, Secretary, and Treasurer
    5. To make sure the leadership class stays on task and does their assigned jobs
    6. To make sure the on-campus activities goes according to plan
    7. To be in charge of the Blood Drive and the Election Committee
  3. Secretary
    1. Take minutes during every meeting
    2. Work with ASB Treasurer and Activities Committees to see what Treasurer's business and activity permits need to be addressed
    3. Deliver meeting's minutes, permits, and treasurer's business to the school treasurer
    4. Write the weekly bulletin with upcoming events included
    5. Assist the ASB President and Vice President
    6. Help out other committees and make sure they are on task
  4. Treasurer
    1. Sign off bills and reimbursements
    2. Keep in contact with the school treasurer every week to check if she needs any bils approved by a student representative
    3. Help out other committees and/or individuals and make sure they are on task
    4.  Read off important payments or reimbursements to the leadership class every meeting

The Website Committee updates, enhances, and maintains the Mt. Diablo High School website, posting information such as dates, links, accomplishments, and current/future news on a daily basis. Committee members also keep the school calendar up-to-date with events, sports games, and holidays. In addition, members maintain and update the six "branches" of the web page - the Home page, Students page, Administration page, Departments/Academies page, Sports and Activities page, and the College and Career Center page - and must respond accordingly to requests from teachers, staff, and students regarding the website (appearance, additional information, etc.) The Leadership mornings are dedicated to the maintenance of the web page through updating news and attending to processed requests. Members also spare extra time preparing ideas that will better enhance the display and easy navigation of the website.


List of Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain an up-to-date school website
  2. Post important dates on the School Calendar
  3. Keep the Homepage current and neat
  4. Students Page must be updated with important information
  5. Maintain an organized and professional Administrations Page
  6. Create a Departments/Academy Page that is current and updated when necessary
  7. Update and maintain the Sports and Activities Page
  8. Collaborate with Mr. Rowe to keep the CC Center webpage up-to-date

            The Green Committee’s main job is to maintain a clean campus and therefore they organize at least two campus clean ups to keep the school clean. With the planning of the campus clean-up, they stay in contact with the custodian supervisor, David Hart to obtain supplies needed for the campus clean-up because it is very important that they have all the necessary supplies. Another important job of theirs is to organize a Green Spirit Week and the Custodian Appreciation Week and try to do an activity for Earth Day on April 22.

List of Responsibilities:

        1. Keep our campus clean

       2. Plan Campus clean-ups

      3. Be organized and prepared

      4. Have materials ready for campus clean-ups

      5. Stay in touch with David Hart

      6. Discuss ideas with the class

    7. Plan activities to spread awareness of keeping a clean campus

The Activities Committee is responsible for raising school spirit and bringing the school together through fun and games. They have the difficult and rewarding job of planning activities that the students of Mount Diablo would enjoy. They come up with ideas based on the time of the year and the holidays that come with it. The activities that happen during lunch are from them as well, they work hard to make them happen. Coming up with ideas for activities during lunch isn't easy, so they rely on the ideas of the other committees in leadership to give them ideas.

List of Responsibilities

 Creating Activities:

  1. Plan and schedule activities
  2. Organize activities for specific events
  3. Inform and assist, if necessary, the administrators of student activities
  4. Incorporate dates, plans, and suggested ideas with and from other committees
  5. Write, sign off, and check permits-check availability of dates

Execution of Activities:

  1. Publicize event: make poster, make announcements
  2. Buy supplies for events
  3. Be present at events
  4. Participate and encourage events
  5. Write a brief summary for each event

Conduct Expectations:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Patience
  3. Open mind
  4. Cooperative
  5. Positive attitude

Committee on Assignment (COA) is a committee that helps leadership in many ways. Their job is more of helping other committees. they do have specific assignents, such as organizing freshman elections, helping construct the freshmen float, and running blood drives. During blood drives COA make posters, run sign-ups, and volunteer. In additiion they help their fellow committees with activities such as Unicef, blood drive, etc. and at the end of the semester they were a successful committee in helping Mount Diablo's leadership class.

List of Responsibilities:

  1. Freshmen elections
  2. Make homecoming floats
  3. Blood drives
  4. Unicef
  5. Others if needed

The Public Relations Committee is dedicated to showing appreciation towards the teachers and staff at school. The staffs usually get small treats such as candy, pens, and notes in their boxes. They also try to make posters and host breakfasts with drinks, muffins, bagels, and fruits/vegetables. This usually occurs during the major holidays the month. They also support fundraisers for different organizations like The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Their first priority of the year is planning the Homecoming Court. Always walking with a smile, they spread cheer and appreciation to their colleagues. Remember that a thank you goes a long way!


List of Responsibilities

  1. To show appreciation to the teachers and staff by rewarding them with breakfast, thank you cards, and holiday cards.
  2. To plan the Homecoming Court elections by making, distributing, collecting, and being in charge of the voting ballots and buying the roses, sashes, crowns, and tiaras to distrubute to the candidates and the winners.
  3. To plan Red Ribbon Week by ordering red ribbons and stickers to pass out and to have an event for the students to pledge to be drug free.
  4. To organize a food drive in which different grade levels bring in non-perishable food to collect and give to the food bank
  5. To plan a book drive evenet for the leadership students to bring in books for the local people.
  6. To organize the UNIFEC fundraiser and collect money to help out the unprivilged children in the 3rd world countries.
  7. To make posters and other advertisements to notify the school about the different fundraisers or events
  8. To help out any other activities, if needed.

Every year, the Clubs Committee must fulfill an abundant amount of responsibilities, the greatest being to lead the clubs council. Their tasks include overseeing every club at Mount Diablo High School, making sure each club follows all regulations, and to provide opportunites for fundraising at a school-wide Clubs Carnival. The Clubs Committee also plans the Homecoming Dance and the Multicultural Assembly. With help from the Clubs Committee, Mount Diablo High School is able to witness greater diversity and our students are able to participate in many events held by each individual club.


List of Responsibilities:

  1. Manage all clubs on campus
  2. Decide which clubs are active and/or inactive
  3. Make sure all active clubs are stable and have everything they need
  4. Finalize constitution
  5. Create posters and advertisements for all club activities
  6. Hand out memos to all clubs and advisors, informing them about upcoming events
  7. Plan and create agendas for clubs council meetings
  8. Plan Clubs Carnival
  9. Update the Clubs Bible every time a new club is formed or undergoes any changes
  10. Organize school dances
  11. Plan events and activities such as the Multicultural Assembly and icebreakers

The main job of the Publicity and Sports Committee is to publicize all school events and spread the word. In addition, we update the marquee boards, the kiosks, and the electronic board. We also set up the Student of the Month Board, put up/take down posters, and much more. Upon updating kiosks and posting fliers, we usually get into groups to get things done faster and to help each other out. We fix/replace ripped posters, work with and assist the sports coordinator, and help other committees with advertising. Our primary goal is to increase school spirit all around campus and we hope to accomplish this throughout the year by promoting as many events as possible. In everything we do, we try our best to make it a success.


List of Responsibilities:

  • Weekly update marquee board
  • Weekly the kiosks
    • Clean out and replace old posters
  • Weekly update of the electronic board
    • Grab a ladder to change the posters inside the board
  • Organize the marquee letters
    • Clean the letters and organize them in alphabetical order
  • Advertise sport events
    • Make posters for home games and post them around campus
  • Make announcements
    • Inform the school about home games
    • Recognize outstanding performance on court/field
  • Make posters for events
    • Advertise all type of events, not just sports
  • Help out other committees with making posters
    • Help committees put up the posters for their activities
  • Clean the school of old posters
    • Take down all damaged posters and all that weren't put up with blue painter's tape
  • Put up new posters
  • Plan Homecoming Rally: November 4, 2011
    • Talk to performers
    • Assign committee to make posters/decorations
    • Write out a work schedule
  • Plan homecoming Half-Time Game: November 4, 2011
    • Talk to coaches and performers
  • Organize Student of the Month
    • Help Mrs. Parks pick out the four winners
    • Take pictures of the winners
    • Get a 'Favorites' sheet turned in by each winner
  • Update Student of the Month board
    • Get key from office to change board






Starting Wednesday, 10/11, the library will be closed and locked every Monday to Wednesday. Use the IMC door for access to the IMC/copy room and Computer Lab areas. If you need to reserve the library or lab area, see Nancy in the IMC.


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