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Monday, March 27 - Misty Monday/Dress up in apparel for the rain: raincoats, rain boots, etc.

Tuesday, March 28 - Floral Tuesday/Wear clothes that have a floral or tie-dye design

Wednesday, March 29 - Roast-Me-Wednesday/Dress in funny clothing that your friends would roast you in/Lunchtime Activity - Musical Chairs in the quad

Thursday, March 30 - Throwback Thursdays/Dress up like you did when you were younger/Lunchtime Activity - Water Balloon Toss in the quad



make sure to attend the MANDATORY meeting on Wednesday, March 29 in M2.


Class meeting will be on Wednesday, March 29 in M2


Winter Sports

Boy's Varsity/ JV Basketball

Date Opponent Score
Jan 13 Clayton Valley (Away) Var 31-76(L), JV N/A, Frosh 27-72(L)
Jan 16 Elizabeth (Away) N/A
Jan 20 Ygnacio Valley (Away) Var 49-72(L), JV N/A, Frosh 37-41(L)
Jan 24 Concord (Home) Var 37-57(L),JV 50-67(L),Frosh N/A
Jan 27 Berean Christian (Home) Var 55-79(L),JV N/A, Frosh 27-50(L)
Jan 31 Alhambra (Away) Var 47-68(L),JV N/A, Frosh 27-70(L)
Feb 3 Clayton Valley (Home) Var 34-87(L),JV N/A, Frosh 35-75(L)
Feb 7 Ygnacio Valley (Home) Var N/A,JV N/A, Frosh N/A
Feb 10 Concord (Away) Var 76-49(W),JV 46-47(L), Frosh N/A
Feb 14  Berean Christian (Away) Var 63-72(L),JV N/A, Frosh 45-46(L)
Feb 17 Alhambra (Senior Night) (Home) Var 54-76(L), JV N/A, Frosh N/A

Boy's Soccer

Date Opponent Score
Nov 16 Dublin (Away)  N/A
Nov 29 Northgate (Home) Var 0-2(L), 
Dec 1 Las Lomas (Home) Var 2-2(T), JV 1-0 (W)
Dec 5 Casa Grande (Away) Var 3-3 (T), 
Dec 7 Pinole (Away) Var 2-3(L), 
Dec 13 Dougherty Valley (Home) Var 3-3(T), JV 3-0(L)
Dec 15 Vintage (Away)

Var 0-3 (L), 

Dec 19 De Anza (Home)

Var 3-2(L), 

Dec 28 Freedom (Home)

Var (N/A), 

Jan 6 Acalanes (Away)

Var 0-3(L)

Jan 11 Berean Christian (Home) Var 2-2 (T), 
Jan 13 Concord (Away)

Var 0-2(L), JV 2-1(L) 

Jan 17 Campolindo (Home) Var 1-4(L),  
Jan 20 Miramonte (Away) Var 2-3(L), 
Jan 23 San Francisco (Home) Var N/A, 
Jan 25 Alhambra (Home) Var 2-3(L), 
Jan 27 Alcalanes (Home)

Var 1-3(L), 

Jan 30 College Park (Home) Var 0-6(L), 
Feb 1 Berean Christian (Away) Var 3-1(W), 
Feb 3 Concord (Home) Var 1-5(L), JV 1-6(L)
Feb 8 Miramonte (Senior Night) (Home) Var 1-3(L), 
Feb 10 Alhambra (Away) Var 2-5(L), 


Girl's Soccer

Date Opponent Score
Nov 15 Tennyson (Home)  
Nov 17 De Anza (Home)  
Nov 28 Richmond (Home)  
Nov 30 De Anza (Away) `
Dec 3 San Lorenzo (Home)  
Dec 5 John Swett (Home)  
 Dec 8 San Leandro (Home)  
Dec 10 Pittsburg (Away)  
Dec 12 Richmond (Away)  
Dec 14 Antioch (Home)  
Jan 4 Pinole (Away)  
Jan 6 Northgate (Home)


Jan 9 Alhambra (Away)


Jan 11 Berean Christian (Away)   
Jan 13 Concord (Home)


Jan 16 JFK Richmond (Home)


Jan 20 Ygnacio Valley (Home)  
Jan 23 SF International (TBA) --
Jan 25 Clayton Valley (Away)


Jan 27 Northgate (Away)  
Feb 1 Berean Christian (Home)  
Feb 3 Concord (Away)  
Feb 8 Ygnacio Valley (Away)  
Feb 10 Clayton Valley (Home)  


Date Opponent Score
Nov 30 Berean Christian  N/A
Dec 14 Campolindo 33-46 (L)
Jan 4 Concord (L)
Jan 11 Ygnacio Valley (W)
Jan 25 Acalanes


Feb 1 Concord 48-36(L)
Feb 8 Miramonte N/A


Girl's Varsity/ JV Basketball

 Date Opponent Score
Nov 22 Bentley N/A
Nov 26 @Ygnacio Valley Var JV N/A
Nov 28 @Swett Var 10-90(L), JV 18-76(L)
Nov 29 @Antioch Var 13-61(L), JV N/A
Dec 2 Richmond Var 46-17(W), JV 35-18(W)
Dec 8 @Castlemont Var 33-49(L), JV N/A
Dec 14 JFK Var 21-69(L), JV 22-61(L)
Dec 16 Las Lomas Var 18-55(L), JV 6-52(L)
Dec 21 @Skyline N/A
Dec 22 @Las Lomas N/A
Dec 23 Alumni Game N/A
Dec 28 West Cost Jamboree N/A
Dec 29 West Cost Jamboree


Dec 30 West Cost Jamboree N/A
Jan 5 Freedom Var 24-57(L), JV 16-36(L)
Jan 6 @Ygnacio Valley Var N/A, JV 31-23(W)
Jan 13 @CVCS Var 8-75(L), JV 10-67(L)
Jan 16

@St. Elizabeth

Var 33-35(L), JV N/A
Jan 20 Ygnacio Valley Var 41-63(L), JV 25-32(L)
Jan 24 Concord Var 14-73(L), JV 31-23(W)
Jan 27 Berean Christian Var 24-56(L) , JV N/A
Jan 31 Alhambra Var 19-76(L), JV 14-74(L)
Feb 3 CVC Var 13-81(L), JV 10-64(L)
Feb 7 Ygnacio Valley Var 20-67(L), JV 44-9(W)
Feb 10  @Concord Var 14-73(L), JV 33-19(L)
Feb 14 @Berean Var 24-56(L), JV N/A
Feb 17 Alhambra- Senior Night Var 66-24 (L), JV 55-11(L)