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Student Life This Month

Chance to Win 2 Concert Tickets This Month by purchasing a yearbook

Leah Kate Concert in Oakland - 2 Free Tickets

Get Ready for a Fun-Filled October!

First Week of October is Homecoming WEEK!!!

Oct. 2 - Dress Like your favorite artist Day! 

Oct. 2 - Hula Hoop Race on the Quad at Lunch  

Oct. 3 - Jazz Day, dress classy :) 

Oct. 3 - Musical Hot Potato on the Quad at Lunch

Oct. 4 - Rave Day, dress like you're going to a rave - So Bay Area! 

Oct. 4 - Surprise Game on the Quad at Lunch 

Oct. 4 - Red Cross Blood Drive ALL DAY!

Oct. 5 - Ranchella Day - Dress like you're going to a Baile!

Oct. 5 - Club Rush (recruitment) on the Quad at Lunch

Oct. 6 - Dress in your Class Colors -

        Class             Colors  Musical Genre for   Homecoming 
  Seniors  Purple and White   R & B

 Orange and      Brown

 Sophomores    Pink and Yellow   Pop
  Freshmen  Maroon and Black   Rock

Oct. 6 - Homecoming Rally in the Large Gym, homecoming royalty revealed

Oct. 6 - Banda on the Quad at Lunch

Oct. 6 - Homecoming Football Game vs. YV - Homecoming Queen is revealed

Oct. 7 - Homecoming Dance - Homecoming King is revealed.  First Dance of the YEAR!!!

Oct. 9 - No School for Students

Oct. 12 - DVC Day

Oct. 31 - Halloween...details coming soon

Nov. 1 - Dia De Lost Muertos