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Activities Guide

Mt. Diablo High School – Activities, Clubs, and Fundraisers

Mt. Diablo High School – Activities, Clubs, and Fundraisers



Please utilize this as a guide to implement student activities on campus during school hours.

After school, laws and regulations greatly decrease but many of the included procedures will

help ensure proper fundraising, expenditures, and promotions of events.


Individuals and groups involved:


Principal- It is ultimately the responsibility of the site administration to ensure that all state laws

and district policies are enforced. The Principal may establish a designee or designees to

implement and monitor activities, clubs, and fundraisers.


Vice Principal Activities - Provides administrative oversight. Must sign off on all activities,

events, and fundraisers.


ASB Advisor – Staff members who generally oversees all activities, events, and fundraisers and

usually acts as the primary designee to communicate and implement proper rules and procedures,

provides general financial oversight of all ASB accounts, student activities, and clubs, ensures

appropriate activities, scheduling oversight, communicates with club/organization adult advisors,

ensures that all ASB funds are raised and spent in accordance with applicable laws and the

district’s policies and procedures, day-to-day operations, ensures adequate planning and

bookkeeping, ensures only valid expenditures or student funds.


Book Keeper (Treasurer) - General oversight of all student body functions, performs site

nancial tasks related to ASB and maintain adequate records of ASB activities, including the

deposit of funds, preparation of monthly bank reconciliations, Working with the district’s

business office regarding

training, implementation of good business practices, internal controls,

and resolution of audit ndings, ensuring proper paperwork.


Student Council – Reviews new clubs, monitors club operations, reviews activities, reviews



Food Services Manager– Reviews all student/parent/adult food fundraising on school

campuses taking place from one-half hour before school until one-half hour after the school day.

The only exception to this rule will be to pick up food items sold off campus such as cookie

dough or candy.


Approved Clubs/Organizations/Classes –

These groups are allowed to hold events and

fundraisers to benefit students during or after school hours.




During school hours, all events must be approved by the ASB. Events would include rallies,

assemblies, and lunchtime activities. It is also advisable to seek approval for cross-curricular

activities or any events outside the regular school schedule. The approval process ensures that

events do not overlap and that laws and regulations are followed


*Activity Permits are issued by the Treasurer or the ASB Advisor and should be submitted at

least 2 weeks prior to the event to the ASB.

Approval also ensures proper promotion of events on

the school website, calendar and message boards.


*After-school activities necessitate a Facilities Use Permit from the district website.


*Events utilizing an outside vendor during school hours must complete an Activity Permit and a

Facilities Use Permit.






ASB Fundraising Guidelines



Your first step to running a fundraiser is to complete and submit a MDUSD Fundraiser Authorization form

and a MDHS Fundraising Revenue/Expense Statement. These forms must be submitted together and

approved by the Activities Director and Vice Principal of Student Activities one month prior to the event.

Forms are available from Leadership or at the Treasurer’s Office. Submit completed forms to the Treasurer.



• Once your fundraising form has have been approved, you should submit a “Request for Authorization

and Payment of ASB Expenditure” form, using the approved estimated costs from your “Fundraising

Revenue/Expense” statement, to ASB for approval. Attach a copy of your approved fundraising form

with the pre-approval request. Your pre-approval form must be approved in the ASB Executive Board

Minutes in advance of your event in order to claim any reimbursements!


•Plan ahead! If your event requires a cash box with change, see the Treasurer a week in advance of your



•Events charging admission fees must use numbered tickets. The Treasurer’s Office can provide these for



•If food is being sold, additional restrictions must be complied with (information on food sales is printed

on the back of the MDUSD Fundraiser Authorization Form).


•No student should handle cash without direct adult supervision.


•All funds collected must be accounted for and deposited with the Treasurer within 24 hours. Two adults

should count the cash and complete the deposit slips prior to delivery to the Treasurer.


•Cash boxes should not be taken home; an administrator should secure the cash in the school’s safe at the

end of any evening event held at the school.


•Proceeds deposited can only be spent for the intended purposes listed on the pre-approval forms.


•The completed Fundraising Revenue/Expense Statement reflecting your actual costs, sales and net profit

should be turned in to the Treasurer within two weeks of the completion of the fundraiser.


•Original receipts only can be accepted for reimbursement. The receipt must be itemized and show how

payment was made (cash/credit).

Fundraising Checklist -- Before Event

Complete MDUSD Fundraiser Authorization and a MDHS Fundraising


Fundraising Checklist -- Before Event


Complete MDUSD Fundraiser Authorization and a MDHS Fundraising

Revenue/Expense Statement. Submit both forms to the Treasurer.

You’ll receive a copy when approved.


Once approved, submit “Request for Authorization and Payment of

ASB Expenditure” form to ASB for approval (

complete Section I ).

The approved copy will be returned to you for expense claims.

  Request Cash Box/tickets from Treasurer, if needed.


Fundraising Checklist -- After the Event


Complete deposit slip, ticket control form and return unused tickets

to Treasurer with event proceeds within 24 hours of event.


Complete “Actual Sales/Expenses” on Fundraising Statement and

return to Treasurer within two weeks of end of event


To submit any expenses incurred, attach original receipts to a copy of

your approved “Pre-Approval” form and complete Section III 




Each organization/club is required to have a constitution, a teacher or administrator as advisor, 

and must keep regular minutes. The purpose of a constitution is so that your club/organization 

is an “official” club/organization. It is also a convenience to all staff and students who want to 

know more about your club/organization.


The formal way of governing a club or an organization is preparing and maintaining a record of

each meeting. This is performed through taking minutes. These minutes serve as the record of

each meeting and exhibit that the club is following the school’s policies and procedures.


Costs and Benefits of Maintaining this system:


By following the procedures and regulations outlined by the State, District, and School,

student organizations will receive equitable treatment and equal access. It also provides a

singular process for all groups to avoid events that contradict, duplicate, or break policies.

A strong system provides a simple clearinghouse for proposed events.


By not following the rules and procedures as outlined by the State, District, and School,

serious consequences can follow including fraud, negative media attention, inequity,

favoritism, discrimination, legal action, investigation under whistleblower laws, loss of

Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program, and teacher/staff personal liability.


Please feel free to ask questions in reference to these issues:

Activities Director:          Scott Ananos      

Principal:                            Lorne Barbosa       

Activities V.P.                     Courtney Lyon       

Treasurer:                          Cyndie Gega           

Other Resources

  Scott Ananos ex: 3461 Sys Admin
  Lorne Barbosa (925) 682-4030 ex: 3400 Principal
  Cyndie Gega (925) 682-4030 ex: 3415 Treasurer