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What is EOP? (for uc/csu app)

The Educational Opportunity Program assists first-generation, historically low-income students with admission to the University.  Students must apply to EOP before they begin their first term at their chosen university.

Who is eligible for EOP?

Students must mee two criteria to be considered for EOP.  We look at parent education level and parent/family income from all sources.  For parent education, if either parent earned a Bachelor's degree or better, you would be ineligible for EOP.  Please make sure you meet these two criteria before you apply.  For parent/family income, please consult the table below.

Fall 2019 EOP Income Guidelines

Household Size               Parents Income

2                                         $37,100

3                                         $41,800

4                                         $48,500

5                                         $55,000

6                                         $62,200

7                                         $67,700

8                                         $73,200


Applying to the Educational Opportunity Program is easy! 

When you apply to a CSU or UC campus through CalState Apply or the UC Application, there will be a question that asks if you are interested in the Educational Opportunity Program.  Click "yes" in response to the question. Complete all of the subsequent questions in order to finish and submit your application--simply checking the box doesn't make you eligible for EOP.

Also, please be thorough in your open-ended responses to the autobiographical questions--the more detail you include, the easier it is for us to understand your background, living arrangements, educational obstacles, and desire to go to college.

PRIORITY FILING PERIOD for EOP at most CSUs October 1st through November 30th.  We assign priority to complete EOP applications--application plus recommendations--submitted before midnight on November 30th.  However, the deadline for offices receiving applications and recommendations may vary for each university. (check campus specific deadlines)