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DCC Wellness Center


School wellness centers are a powerful investment in the health and academic potential of children and adolescents. They provide access to caring adults and services such as primary care, counseling, mentoring, and peer-to-peer support. School wellness centers support teachers by assisting children and adolescents to thrive in the classroom and beyond! School wellness centers provide access to free health care, behavioral health services, and positive youth activities in a location that is fun, safe, and convenient – at school.


What is the DCC? 
The Diablo Community Center (DCC) is a safe space  that seeks to support the academic, emotional and social well-being of students and their families. The DCC strives to achieve this through providing access to counseling services, community linkages, youth employment support, student and family advocacy, Foster Youth Services, the HOPE Program, and much more. The support services at the DCC are successful due to the collaboration and coordination of multidisciplinary stakeholders at Mt. Diablo High School, DCC staff, administrators, families, community members, and of course the students.

Social Work Specialist Role

The Social Work Specialist (SWS) at Diablo Community Center is responsible for managing the mental health and wellness programming for the vast majority of the student community at Mt. Diablo High School. The Diablo Community Center is a shared space with an array of service providers all of whom the SWS, also referred to as the DCC Coordinator, is responsible for overseeing. The SWS ensures that Fred Finch therapists, MSW interns, BSW interns, CWA workers, the newcomer social worker, the mobile health clinic health educator, and Rainbow Community Center counselors are able to collaborate in order to provide effective services to students and their families. The role of the SWS is to facilitate the weekly Coordinated Care Team process. When on campus, the SWS is responsible for supporting crisis situations as well as helping to support the daily needs of the foster youth and HOPE students. The SWS provides support and feedback to teachers and initiates and attends IEP, SST and 504 meetings regularly. The SWS is a mentor to many of the DCC's informal clients. The SWS also attends weekly administrative meetings and collaborates with school leadership in order to orchestrate schoolwide events connected to student well-being and wellness. 



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Christopher Carlay

Social Work Specialist & DCC Coordinator

925-682-4030 x 3477